Why Attend a Suzuki Workshop?

  1. Discover fresh insights and new approaches to your instrument and music through study with expert clinicians.
  2. Work with teachers of national and international reputation.
  3. Continue to hear the inspiration of the Suzuki message “every child can learn” given the proper environment.
  4. Realize substantial improvement and confidence on your instrument in a short period of time for all students, from pre-twinklers to advanced level players.
  5. Make friends who are kindred spirits.
  6. Meet families and teachers from different areas.
  7. Receive fresh motivation and renewed excitement about playing and practicing.
  8. Be immersed in a nurturing, positive atmosphere where individual value and potential is recognized.
  9. Attend inspiring performances by fellow students.
  10. Learn and be inspired by hearing a wide variety of levels of playing on your instrument.
  11. Hear fresh ideas of how to practice and motivate!
  12. Take advantage of quality time with your child or grandchild. Create lifetime memories in an environment free from the stress and distractions of home and work.
  13. Find support and new solutions in helping your child through attending outstanding parent talks offered throughout the week.
  14. It's Fun!
*Adapted from Suzuki Association of the Americas article - 25 Reasons You Will Want to Attend A Summer Institute.